Heroes! Kawartha Police Show Why We Need To Be Vigilant With Our Rights

Enjoy this story.

Sounds like Mark Donaldson and Janette Drew are a couple of incompetent lying, cowardly, tress passing thugs who happen to have state sanctioned badges who could have not only taken a person's right to earn a living (the victim is a model) but outright taken her life.

In this case (and many like it), it's easy to wonder if there's a difference between gang members and these two delinquents if the story went down as it did- and quite frankly I wouldn't be surprised it did given the immense amount of police abuse stories in North America I've been gathering.

Serve and protecting you for your own good!

Oh. Who is this criminal Mark Donaldson?

"Const. Mark Donaldson, of nearby Dunsford, Ont., was charged this week with fraud over $5,000, laundering proceeds of crime, and possession of property obtained by crime over $5,000.
Police are still probing whether his status as a police officer played a role in his alleged involvement.
City of Kawartha Lakes Police said Donaldson will keep his job, but be kept off investigative duties, as the case proceeds."

Isn't that quaint and special? A piece of shit like that shouldn't have 'Constable' attached to his name.

The charges were dropped with no explanation.

Fuck you, that's why.


  1. While I understand the outrage, I also understand the police reaction. Cooperation and reasonable responses would have served her well. I learned, as a youth with a rebellious attitude, that any interaction with the police will not go well if you resist in any way. Much better to be reasonable and understand their P.O.V.

  2. I see what you're saying but still not sure about that Doug. It's visceral at that point. If it went down as she said it did, I don't blame her one bit. The cops are 100% at fault. They don't have a license to enter a home and just start touching a child. I know I'd be bothered by it. In any event, even if she chewed them out verbally that's no excuse to beat her down. They're supposed to be trained professionals, no?

  3. Sounds like those-in-charge simply relish exploiting their power and authority.
    Like there isn't even the slightest attempt at any kind of discretion or discernment on their part.

    1. Maybe I'm wrong but I thought police are trained to diffuse situations like this; not escalate. However, it certainly feels like (as police abuse sites do well) they're excelling at the latter these days.


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