Government Does What It Does Best: Impede

If there is any lesson to be learned with the arrival of Uber and Lyft on the transportation landscape it's that government needs to get out of the way of business lest it thwarts inevitable progress. This new way forward also brings into question the concept of licenses and permits and its hideous and often corrupt mark on the market. Permits and licenses are impediments and obstacles (just like $15 minimum wage will likely wreak havoc on people) to employment in a naturally free market where people voluntarily wish to enter private contracts.

It's nothing but a racket at this point. More importantly, it smashes once and for all the notion government keeps a level playing field in the market place. No it doesn't. It plays favorites through cronyism (see Bombardier, 2008 market crash with the subsequent bail out etc.) and creates monopolies.

But this 'top-down' mentality is ingrained and embedded into our psyche at this point and is in dire need of some adjustment if not reprogramming.

When the Liberals proposed $835 million in hopes of making Waterloo the next 'Silicon Valley' it should immediately raised a bemused skeptical eyebrow. For starters, this is not how Silicon Valley was made. The government didn't say 'here's some money now go Silicon' which is what Ottawa seems to think things work. Next that springs to mind is silicon production. I would think a country needs to have a lot of it and where it's missing find ways to import it without smashing margins. I didn't see exactly how they plan to overcome this potential obstacle. How do they plan to compete other tech hubs? Never mind the world, there are a dozen other hubs - outside Silicon Valley -  in the continental USA alone Waterloo would have to surpass first before challenging SV. Waterloo is a fine institution and is by all standards world class but it's one thing to be among the best and to claim to want to make it the best.

Or what is the plan to attract engineers and designers from, say, Massachusetts? What incentives do they have to come here? What can we offer them they can't already find within the United States?

They think they will achieve their goals for $835 million? Yeah, I don't think so.

I digress.

My point is it's ridiculously absurd to think government spurs all this.

The formula and recipe is simple. Free minds, innovative ideas, free markets and leave them alone.

But it's a lesson progressives are determined to ignore or believe is not accurate and so far they're doing their best to make things unnecessarily ugly. And with it comes a whole heaping of hilarious hypocrisy as we've seen with faux-socialist and populist Bernie 'Grandpa Gulag' Sanders. He rails and rants against this and that blah, blah blah and one of those companies he has attacked is Uber. A company it has been found he and his staff use exclusively.

And people are to take such hypocrisy seriously? Just like enviro-celebrities jet setting on their private jets and yachts spewing nonsensical bull shit about climate change.

I tell ya. It takes a village to sometimes give life to irrational thought.

Witness the inane and pointless fight against Uber in Germany and France. Of course. Those are places that never shook off its paternalism. Its socialist tendencies are entrenched into a labor force now firmly comfortable in its self-entitled mind set. Compete? Are you mad?!

Europe, as I repeatedly remind, is the last place we should look to emulate. We have our own way of operating and for now it's much healthier where business is concerned. However, I'm not liking the track we're on.

The bottom line is consumer choices and demands have changed quite dramatically. Millennials, for better of for worse, are simply not buying cars anymore. And quite frankly, I think they're onto something because the cost of purchasing or leasing a brand new car is obscene (which is why I highly recommend used and second-hand) thanks, of course, to government regulation. Just like it inflates the cost of everything from health services to education it pumps up the price of a car.

Again, basic economics. It's irrational to think companies want higher prices. That's not how achieving profits work. If you price yourself out of a market you're dead. Economies of scale and competition have and will always put downward pressure on prices. I don't give a shit what you're retarded Marxist professor or politicians looking to score votes of our ignorance tell you. It has no basis in reality or fact.

The trend is clear. Where teens used to count the days to getting their driver's permit (almost 50% of 16 year-old kids got their permits back in the 1970s and 1980s.) That figure is down to half of that. The romantic idea of owning a car and representing freedom seem to be gone. All three of my niece and nephews are in their late teens and early 20s and see no rush to get one as they freely move around town with various apps.

And  the government wants to fight this by taking on Uber? Just who are the impractical and unrealistic people here?

Stop worrying about the bomb and learn to love it.

It's a beautiful thing.

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