Provable Historical Fact: Bernie Sanders Ideology Kills People

Progressives can try and ignore and rewrite history all they want and like and they will always have to face the truth so long as blogs like this one exist.

"Gov. Walker has allowed his right-wing ideology to prevail and to deny some 120,000 people in Wisconsin options to get into Medicaid and maybe, for the first time in their lives, have health insurance," Sanders told a rally in Madison ahead of Tuesday's Wisconsin primary, where the Vermont senator is projected to narrowly beat Hillary Clinton.

This is truly amazing in its chutzpah.

First off, progressives go insane whenever you mention that people sometimes die waiting to get access or care in the Canadian public health system which is infested with a second-rate infrastructure.

Second, conservative principles pale in comparison to the murder rate hurled upon innocent people at the hands of socialists and communists. We're talking millions here and quite frankly can't understand how this is even up for discussion.

Bottom line? It's Grandpa Gulag's ideology who has not only murdered for ideology, but who knows how many untold lives were ruined and lost due to progressive policies in the 20th century?

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