Quebec Chooses Lazy And Immoral Route For Euthanasia Law

If the government wants to introduce a euthanasia law so be it. Just don't try and pass off as 'rational' decision making - or worse, morally proper - because, to me,  in reality it's just another way to keep people off the waiting list.

It's the system finding ways to 'weed' people off it.

Truth is, it's hard and complicated to treat and fund people with chronic diseases or mental illness.

While the simple solution is to improve access to care and doctors (which, in my view, means restricting or removing bureaucratic interference and red tape) while expanding palliative care.

That's the true humanist approach. I bet my life if a person was given such options they would prefer to live in dignity surrounded by family members because this is what humans are wired for.

Instead we say death is an option and absurdly dupe people into thinking it's a choice. Since when do we have choice in the Canadian system? Make no mistake about, bureaucrats will have the final say in your life. I know. Deprogramming Canadians to understand this is hard.

I'm gonna sit back and watch the unintended consequences - whatever they may be - as we move forward.

At which point I reserve the right to tell you 'I told you so'. Or at the very least, 'you shouldn't be surprised'.



  1. How do you have "freedom of choice" in ANY society?
    All countries are Republics by virtue of the fact that it's impossible to govern a large populace without some form of collective restraint/control on the part of whoever's "in charge".
    There will always be rules to follow, and they will never be that of any individual's personal choice or ones that would have the best interests of any one person in mind.
    You have to expect the government to "have control over" its citizens and to engage in favoritism towards certain groups/individuals at the expense of others.
    That's always been the norm of civilization since the dawn of time.

    1. You're absolutely right. But in our universal system there's even more limited choice. However, I don't *have* to expect the government engage in favoritism!


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