World Cup Thoughts

Too bad KLM apologized for this playful banter following Holland's 2-1win over Mexico:

Adios, Amigos.

The reaction is what you'd expect in these overly political correct and sensitive times. Take this silly article.

Everyone has lost their fucking minds.

It's gotten to the point opportunistic assholes like this guy are suing Benjamin Moore for racist paint name.

The you wonder why I'm cranky and hate people. And don't tell me it's' isolated. I was recently called out for using the word 'retarded' in my hockey pool. Context doesn't matter in the tyrannical world of the self-righteous.

If I were a Mexican airline I'd counter with something like 'Enjoy your diving meet' with a picture of Robben diving. THAT'S how you handle this sort of fun stuff.

Imagine if they had said, "Adios, gringos."


How far off is Canada in terms of its soccer program?

They got hammered by Honduras in CONCACAF by a score of...8-1.

Hondouras was the worst team in the tournament.

As for a country we like to measure ourselves against - USA - there's no comparison. The Americans are an elite soccer program now while Canada wallows in dysfunctional mediocrity.

It has taken the USA at least 30 years to get to this point.

Think about it. If Canada ever wants to join the likes of Mexico and USA, they have a massive job ahead of them. Nothing suggests to me we're ready for it. We're not on par with those countries.


Speaking of the Americans.

The fell before Belgium 2-1 in ET in the Round of 16.

It was a wonderful game with the United States never giving up.

Belgium directed a sick, staggering, stunning 38 shots at the net with 27 hitting the target. Hockey teams sometimes don't get that amount of shots on goal. That's how unbelievable that statistic is. But Tim Howard saved America every chance he could thus giving them a chance in the 2nd half of extra time. I believe that has to be some sort of World Cup record.

Belgium were a pre-tournament dark horse so there's no shame in losing to them. They have solid quality in their line-up. As you know, I had Colombia, Chile and Belgium as my dark horses in late 2013. The more I watched them, the more I believed in their quality.

However, I may be in the minority but I have not been impressed with the over praised Germans, over hyped Brazilians and over rated French. The reputation precedes the latter two but they have not lived up to the billing catching some breaks in this tournament.

Germany, moreover, is lucky their daddy Italy are gone.

Eight teams remain - Netherlands, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, France, Belgium, Colombia, Costa Rica.

With its poor showing, the Azzurri should be embarrassed for dropping the ball and not being to join their top three critical rivals.

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