Economic Patriotism Is Irrational Thinking That Can't Be Manufactured

Speaking in Los Angeles Thursday, President Obama touted"economic patriotism," which apparently involves keeping companiesheadquartered here by fiat.

Obama, I get the feeling, just talks prog-shit to rally his left-wing base. No man in that position can be so frivolous. Of course, the high cost of doing business that force corporations out is rooted in, you guessed it, government regulation.

Companies are a-nationalist and a-patriotic as they ought to be. They have to do right by their business. Period. If the same worker can produce widgets at $5 per hour in Central America but costs $25 (before payroll taxes and pension obligations) here. Hello. The second one goes, the others must follow or else they run the risk of going out of business. 

Next on the list.

Personal salary caps. Caps on capital and caps on wealth.

But first. Equal Opportunity and Outcome legislation.

Oh, laugh.

It's coming.


Left-wingers think you can "manufacture" and "dictate" the direction and patterns in an economy from the top. They think this because they believe such nonsensical slogans as "nobody got rich on their own" or "pay your fair share" and my personal favorite derp "taxes are the price for civilization" (have a conversation with people who believe this. The economic and financial illiteracy runs deep)  and so the natural flow of an economy comes from bureaucratic policies.

They're communists.

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