Chances Are You're Scientifically Illiterate

You can pretty much wipe your ass with 95% of "science" reports you read or hear about in the news.

Really, if you have even a modicum of healthy skepticism you'd be able to discern as much.

No matter how many times I reveal to my wife these simple pointers in various articles that frighten her, she keeps coming back to me with pseudo-science. It's so bad that even when you rationally explain things and make a breakthrough, they still counter with a 'yeah well, we can't take that chance!"

Music to a paternalistic politician's ears and to every god dang alchemist posing as a journalist or whacked out "doctor."

THIS is where we lose the plot. By not challenging the material being presented to us. And when there is push back the people pimping nonsense have become so comfortable that they react with indignant righteousness calling skeptics all sorts of names from "extremist" all the way down to "racist."

Honestly, it's not that hard to see the game. I'm no scientist but at least I've taught myself to separate fact from fiction; lies from truth; bull shit from thoughtful writing. It's a fine line but it's there to be determined if one so chooses.

Without doubt the most annoying science reports deal with cancer, smoking and diet. He doesn't mention it but climate science too has become a joke. One big game driven by people looking to profit off it while scaring dumbass politicians into doing "something, anything!"

For the children.

The planet.

Nothing is more powerful and detrimental than one big, broad appeal to emotion.

Not a joke? Well, you kinda get the sense they've jumped the shark when scientists start to worry that climate change will kill of redheads.

I've already placed my wager that nothing will happen. In the meantime, all the world's leaders and academics figure out ways to meet up in posh hotels across the globe all the while gallivanting in airplanes leaving huge carbon foot prints in their wake.

Fuck them.

If they were so concerned they'd tele-conference or take a bike. You know, all the stuff they ask us common folk to them.

Did I mention fuck them?

Of course, that won't stop emotional politicians in love with drama to continue their anti-science stance  to push forward with measures that will do absolutely jack shit for earth and do everything to hurt our pockets.

Don't make me repeat it. 

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