Coming Soon To North America

Remember when I predicted that the Super hospital in Montreal was going to be nothing more than a super corrupt, incompetent mess? That wasn't hard to predict at all. One need just look at the pattern of how we do things and voila! You too can wear Madame Claire Voyance's hat!

On our current trajectory, all one has to do is listen to the subtle cues from the likes of Drama Trudeau, Freeland, Paperclip Warren (who makes Obama look like a disciple of Bastiat) and other assortment of pseudo-populists with deep pockets to know they will come to raid the private sector. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that we have low growth, high debt and no money to cover all the free shit we insist on giving people.

First, it will be private sector pensions (RRSPs, 401ks also) that will be raided. Next, well...just read what the Krazy Koreans are up to:

"To solve structural problems the economy is now facing, and to maintain fiscal balance in the long term, it's critical to seek expansionary fiscal and monetary policies, even at the risk of running a short-term fiscal deficit."
Choi says the earnings of local exporters are not flowing into households, which is stifling domestic demand.

To address the issue, the government laid out plans to provide tax incentives to companies that raise wages and increase dividend payments.
"Korean companies' dividend payout ratio is the lowest among OECD nations. That's affecting the local capital market and keeping corporate earnings from flowing into households."

The government, on the other hand, will tax companies that shy away from investment, wage increases or dividend payments in favor of hanging onto excessive cash reserves.
The government also plans to accelerate regulatory reforms, especially those linked to bolstering the nation's real estate market, by giving home buyers easier access to mortgage loans.
The set of measures is based on the new economic team's revised growth outlook for this year.

It cut its growth forecast to 3.7 percent, down zero.4 percentage points from an earlier projection.


Just awful.



Once the government enters the final phase of taking over the economy, it will be curtains for the West as we knew it in terms of an advanced, innovative and efficient economic entity. Human kind's mightiest thus far.

Yes. I'm calling it here now. It will be the fault of progressives.

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