Consensual Choice Is Not Illegal Action

The anatomy of progressive action ruining lives.

The Social purity movement in the late 19th century sought to:

"abolish prostitution and other sexual activities that were considered immoral according to Christian morality. Composed primarily of women, the movement was active in English-speaking nations from the late 1860s to about 1910, exerting an important influence on the contemporaneous feminist, eugenics, and birth control movements. The movement helped to shape feminist views on prostitution. '
Basically, they took a profession that filled a demand between consensual adults and made it illegal. Women who owned brothels were landowners with influence as well as protected by local sheriffs. By kicking them out of their jobs, the busy bodies destroyed their lives and banished prostitutes to a life of violence and crime under control of pimps. Moreover, prostitutes not only lost protection of law enforcement but spend part of their lives languishing in a jail cell.

That's what the movement accomplished.

The pattern is obvious. Make illegal something that shouldn't be illegal in the first place and create criminals of free people making free choices. The monopoly of force held by the government leads to senseless incarceration to even death.  Alcohol, smoking, marijuana, or prostitution. People should not be in prison for choosing to use or engage nor should there be taxes in any of them.

And nothing is safe. Sodium, sugar, whatever. Bureaucrats don't need science to outlaw any of these because A) fuck you that's why and B) it's for your own good. So let's be clear: SCIENCE DOES NOT BACK THE GOVERNMENT UP WHEN IT COMES TO CERTAIN FOOD BANS.

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