Mid-East Tensions Higher Than Normal

And the Americans aren't helping.

The Israeli's see John Kerry as a "dangerous imbecile."

Don't blame them. They probably think the same of his boss.

Hamas are a bunch of death cultists and it's about time Israel takes care of business. With or without the Americans.


Jonas at The National Post nails it - as usual:

"Two wrongs don’t make a right, but trying to stop an ongoing attack isn’t a wrong. It’s an individual’s right and a government’s duty. The law of self-defence kicks in at the point of the latest threat: It entitles even criminals to stop attacks on themselves. To equate the violence required to stop Hamas with the violence of Hamas’ initial assault is moral illiteracy — or would be, if it didn’t manifest itself so often among morally hyperactive groups and individuals."

That's my position. For all of history, nations were allowed to defend themselves. Yet, Israel is suddenly held to a different standard? Not only that, they must take the attacks and take the high road and consider "proportional" retaliation?

It's asinine.

How about this:

For you enablers and apologists for Hamas - a terrorist organization funded by Iran - how about the Palestinians and Arabs (who allegedly - cough - care for their plight) attempt to match the success of Israel? Hm?

Sure, they're not perfect but seems to me if they s have a shred of dignity and decency as well a sense of enterprise, they'd, you know, exert energy into creating a viable entity. Instead, they're too busy busting balls lobbing rockets aimlessly into Israel and incoherently looking to throw 'Jews into the sea.' Their impractical attitude have consistently squeezed them out of major concessions from Israel that could have been positive for Palestine.

That's what a society with any real balls would do.  

Need a visual? Here.

And I'm supposed to take them seriously?



At the moment they're destructive and not constructive while Israel continues to putter along in a sea of madness. Seems to me if they would just shift their thinking a tad their lives would be so much better. Israel's number one fear and concern is security. Keep threatening it and they will not relent.

Like any nation would.

I can't stress this enough.

In any event, the mere fact progressives (remember when that wench Marois marched along with Palestinian protestors?) side with Palestine should be enough for any person of sound mine to do the opposite. 

I'm so sick of this shit.

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