"I Think I Just Became Pro-Dictatorship"

Deep down inside, progressives like to be controlled. They love control. They crave it. It's the essence of their whole animist world view. Sure they'll contort themselves into all sorts knots saying they're democratic and pro-liberty, but their actions and thinking say otherwise.

In the end, they submit to a greater authority: Top Men. And they want YOU to submit as well. How dare Hobby Lobby not give free birth control! Release the government hounds!

Remember. Over birth control:

This Twitter comment really says it all.

Let me get this straight. They're irrational love for a politician - in this case Elizabeth Warren leads to demagoguery and thus acceptance of a dictatorship?

Warren? That disingenuous, vapid, far left nut ball? 

They're insane. And they love to be deceived.

Warren is a horrible debater and speaker (like her boss). She also has the charisma of a paper clip.


  1. It's the 60's all over again!

    1. It's frightening how quickly they're ready to give up their rights and liberty the second they submit to one person they "think" represents their "values." These people have no values or sense of liberty and are morally and intellectually bankrupt. You belong in a cult if this is how you think.

    2. The truly sad part is that they are the major factor (voting bloc) in elections.

    3. They're HIA's - Hysterical, irrational, animists.


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