Quebec Ludicrously Will Levy Carbon Tax

"Quebecers won't need to wait and see if Justin Trudeau's Liberals win the next federal election to get a new carbon tax. Starting January 1, 2015, drivers in La Belle Province will pay at least an extra 1.9 cents on each litre of gas as QMI's investigation bureau revealed on Canada Day.
Originally, 11 American states and Canadian provinces were supposed to take part in the carbon market. Quebecers and Californians are, however, the only ones left.

Unbelievable. Already Quebec is a laggard and an absolute mess economically and this is what Trudeau and the Liberals go for? In a province already over burdened by taxes they want to add still more taxes on gasoline prices?"

Are they fucking insane?

Never mind.

Jurisdictions and countries are jumping off because every day the climate change movement loses more and more credibility. At this point, there's more than enough evidence for even people concerned about the environment to wonder if this is a good idea for our economic well-being. TAXES ERODE wealth. What don't people fricken grasp about this? Is it worth for your ability to pay, say, rent or food, to be worsened for a carbon tax that will do absolutely jack shit for the environment? Think god dammit. I can't be more blunt.

Of course, this is all part of Quebec's environmental, left-wing fetish to be the first to introduce policies that hamper the economy. Welcome to Quebec where we have green bike paths with potholes, carbon taxes, subsidized daycare, a massive welfare state paid for by other provinces, and a huge public sector.

It's a marvel we even function.

We're masters of derp. And the unintended consequences?

Surely you jest.

How anyone with a skeptical mind (those outside the progressive loop anyway) could conclude anything but this is a cash grab or would vote for Trudeau is beyond me to grasp. He'd be just as destructive to the economy as any left-winger would be.

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