Levying A Carbon Tax Based On A False Premise

Quebec, turns out, is dumb enough to institute a carbon tax based on specious if not fudged data.

Then again. I think they know it's bull shit. It can't be, with all the information at our disposal, there isn't someone in the political class is skeptical or offering cautionary advice.

Which suggests to me more is at work.

Ah, yes. As I mentioned in a previous post. Money. 

This episode in enviro-politics - which has being going on since people like Ehrlich have been warning about apocalyptic catastrophes since the 1970s. Each time telling us we had to act fast or else... - has simply given the 'takers' an excuse to tax us more.

Remember, Quebec has a massive welfare state it will not give up so the money has to come from somewhere. Since our growth rates and innovation prospects are stagnant and dim, that money has to come from taxes.

It's the solution for all our problems.

When all else fails and creativity is dry, just ax the shit out of people.

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