Fall of The West Reason 595968688: Politicizing Life Art Of The Left

"We treat nudity and sex in America as bad and dirty. Yet, we glorify scum like for hunting and killing animals"

Eat shit you piece of lard Dickinson. Fuck you deep within your loins you shameless asshole.

The left's new fascination is destroying people's lives for hunting.

I can't say how in how many ways how much I loathe progressives.

They're a bunch of gullible, meddlesome, ignorant hacks who politicize everything. I just don't get how they can take something personal and turn into politics.

How does this ruin us as a people? Oh, let me count the ways. For example, companies are scared witless of any sort of bad publicity and in this day and age a lot of moronic people on the 'I'm a victim so check your male privilege, don't offend my soft sensibilities' have access to very big thingy's like the Internet.

L'Oreal offered a contract to a 17 year-old Belgian only to revoke because hunting.

Hunting is LEGAL!

Everyone's lost their fricken minds.

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