Two Derp Articles

A few days ago we were having a laugh over whether an article in Rolling Stone titled 'The 5 Most Dangerous Guns in America" is the worst on the Internet.

It's bad. Shockingly terrible. Awful. Maddening even.

But then, along came this from Vox. "Tipping perpetuates racism, classism, and poverty; Let's get rid of it."

Sometimes I wonder if children and/or monkeys right on left-wing websites.

There's a serious problem with projection and disconnect from economic reality. 

One quick comment:

..He is rightfully entitled to that money, and you are ethically obligated to give him by social norms..."

 Er, no. I don't feel obligated if I get poor service and as such, the server is not entitled to it. No one is entitled to anything unless they EARN it.

Albeit, it does take a lot for me to take this action. Would you give someone a big tip for being rude and giving bad service all around?

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  1. Re: the article on the 5 most dangerous guns was silly. basically, it was 5 categories of guns (which is close to all of them) and never mentioned "zip guns" (which are the most dangerous of all... both to the shooter and the target)

    as for tipping... you are right; a tip (like a wage) should be earned. On the other hand, other than one time where I superglued a quarter to the table at a Bob Evan's in Ohio, I always tip or I feel guilty. And I tend to tip 20%... My mother was an over-tipper because she had once worked a half day as a waitress (and then was fired) and thought they were overworked and underpaid.


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