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I'm in training to participate in a duathlon in September (a duathlon is a triathlon without the swimming). It's a medium sized race - 6km run and 30 km bike ride. I run about 10k and cycle 40-60k on average as part of the training. Anyway...) and usually take my runs on the street behind my house. It's convenient, has a bike path long enough to satisfy my needs.

Since March, I've been left stunned at the general lack of patience and awareness of drivers (which is pretty standard in Quebec) by drivers at intersections. It's mind-boggling. They'd rather risk hitting you than wait two seconds to let you cross. I know, I've been nearly hit four times by assholes so far and have had to deal with numerous more encounters of cars simply not following the basic law (never mind etiquette) of pedestrians get the right of way. Nah. They just barrel through walk-ways and barely do their stops. The worst driver is the one who sees you coming but is so anxious you can see them trying to decide if they should go or wait. More often than not, they go for it - because they're impatient buffoons with places to go as if they're CEO's. The only position they have is CEO of being selfish pricks - and I have to alter my path usually by going behind them pulled off my path and into the street. If I had burn rays, I'd burn their tires with my burn ray eyes.

Absolutely incredible what I see on the path.

Moreover, if that nightmare is not enough you should see the freak show on the path itself. I don't know, but what's the percentage of people never hearing about "KEEP RIGHT"? Too often, I find myself gesturing (educating) to people to switch lanes. It's inexcusable. If you want to take up running or biking to reduce the fat around your ass, the least you can do is fucking read up on the rules of the road and lessen the fat between your ears. Fucktwads.

Man, the shit I see on the path. Stupid kids sitting on the sidewalk with legs stretched out on the path, thoughtless mothers coming to a full stop on the path to attend to their baby in a carriage when there's a bloody sidewalk right next to them, inconsiderate families taking a leisurely walk hogging the path in both directions without paying any attention to the fact it's a bike path, people stopped on the path to chat (I really loathe these people and secretly hope one day a biker barrels into them), and people walking their dogs barely keeping a tight leash.  One priceless, sparkling snowflake got off her bike and parked it in the middle of the path without a care in the world that I was fast coming on to her. I'm surprised no one has tried to set up a BBQ on the path.

And no, it's not a 'do what you feel like' path. It's a BIKE path. You should treat it as you would cars on a street.

So don't be like the impolite idiots I described here in this post. Be informed and considerate. And for for the love of God, KEEP RIGHT!

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