Confused Thinking

Maybe I'm stupid, but progressives as pro-choice, right?


So. This girl and her boyfriend - two budding idiotic criminals - decide out of free choice and will, to invade a man's house and give him a beat down. 

So, doesn't the victim pull out a gun. The boyfriend runs out like the coward piece of shit he his leaving his pregnant girlfriend behind. She escapes but the old man follows her and kills her despite her pleas about being pregnant.

So. Obviously, this man will probably be convicted of murder because the law is clear that you can't kill someone - even a low-life criminal - who no longer poses a reasonable threat (though I always was uncomfortable with this. To me, if you break and enter to commit a crime you knowingly and freely do so thus all bets are off. Why, an 'all bets are off' law should be tabled! They beat him, broke his collarbone, robbed him so to me, he had every right to take out the trash). Anyway, he shoots her in cold blood mumbling to the effect 'she's better off dead'. Personally, I think the guy just complicated his life by talking so freely about but I understand him.

It's tragic indeed. But in the end, let's not distract ourselves from the fact that she and her bonehead dickfriend were the authors of their own demise.

He'll likely be charged. However, I don't believe Gus Adams should do one day in jail. 

But distract we will. And the progs are suddenly concerned about the death of an unborn child.

Apparently, in this scenario the loss of an unborn child should be mourned, but when a woman decides to get an abortion to kill a baby, that's okay.

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