French (And Quebec) Socialist Economics

"The ban on free shipping was passed last year by France's rulingSocialist Party, but only recently went into effect. The new ruleis actually an amendment to a 32-year-old French law that tightlyregulates book prices.
The new requirement applies to all online book retailers but has been called the anti-Amazon bill because Culture Minister Aurelie Filippetti has singled out the company in the past.
In January 2004, the French Booksellers Union took Amazon to court for offering free delivery and the high court in Versailles ruled in the union's favor. The court told Amazon to either starts charging shipping or face a daily fine of 1,000 euros. Amazon stuck it to the union and decided to incur the fine rather than charge its French customers more."

It's unbelievable really.

Amazon is doing absolutely nothing wrong and is in its rights to not charge shipping. But you can't have that when socialists are around to fuck consumers up the ass for some bull shit "cultural" excuse. It's all about control with these evil sons of bitches. When they're not murdering, they're destroying economies and attacking businesses like mobsters bust up small business owners.

I just found out that here in Quebec, the government now compels private daycares to buy wipes for parents. What's next? Diapers? Cap what we can charge parents? Naturally, I wasn't consulted. Some bureaucrat comes up with the idea through fiat and has the state back it up with threats of fines (or in my case, revocation of a permit) just like a defunct banana republic. Then people wonder why I hold no respect for these folks. The whole system they have designed ensures people will never become true successes. Where they can take over industries, they will cap success.

It's how they roll.

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