In The News - A Bunch Of Derp

Please sing title to the tune of Glenn Miller's 'In the Mood." 

..Governor Chris Christie (R-N.J.) warned that the state government won't be able to meet all of its pensions obligations.

Didn't Christie, lose about $261 million investing taxpayer money in Atlantic City?

Fiscal responsibility 2016!


"Prof Garrick-Bethell's new explanation is that four billion years ago - when the Moon formed from the debris thrown out by a huge impact between early Earth and a so-called planetoid - was much closer to the Earth. This meant tides were stronger.

"The Moon was [also] spinning much faster," he told BBC News."

Well I'll be darned. There was man made global warming back then too!

Other than that. Ban lemons. Or tax them. 


"Our blind spot about guns."

"If we had the same auto fatality rate today that we had in 1921, by my calculations we would have 715,000 Americans dying annually in vehicle accidents.

Instead, we’ve reduced the fatality rate by more than 95 percent — not by confiscating cars, but by regulating them and their drivers sensibly.

We could have said, “Cars don’t kill people. People kill people,” and there would have been an element of truth to that. Many accidents are a result of alcohol consumption, speeding, road rage or driver distraction. Or we could have said, “It’s pointless because even if you regulate cars, then people will just run each other down with bicycles,” and that, too, would have been partly true.

Yet, instead, we built a system that protects us from ourselves. This saves hundreds of thousands of lives a year and is a model of what we should do with guns in America."

How about Our blind spot about rationalism?


Heard someone ask how come you rarely - if ever - see Hamas launching rockets into Israel?

Because if Hamas saw people recording their actions they'd kill them.



Do I think Stephen A. Smith, in discussing Ray Rice's suspension for hitting his wife, should have been suspended for saying that women shouldn't incite men to violence?

Shit no.

So if a strong woman is beating down on a weaker man it's not okay to hit back?

But how else would Bruce Willis get the bad guys?

Women ON TV think cutting a man's penis is funny. Apparently that's okay because we had it coming for...well you know the story.  Those women are cunts in my book.

What? They are. Not cunts? Check out Jezebel and see the inane mass of derpy stupidity that make up that hideous herd and get back to me.

I don't want to spend more time than I have to talking about dumbass feminists. If you want more here are a couple of links:

A Voice For Men.

The Red Pill .


But when liberal billionaires do it...

On immigration:
How many blue states have said 'not in my back yard' again, Nancy?


Lots of striking going on in Canada. Let's see B.C. teachers are unhappy. The government is giving Canadian families $40 per day for as long as the strikes lasts. How nice. The benevolent government handing back after-tax dollars back to people. So weird.

Meanwhile here in Montreal cops are acting unprofessionally as they don camouflage pants, caps while vandalizing patrol cars with those awful 'syndicats' stickers.

You know where I stand.

When cops can retire at 40 with full pensions, you know there's a fricken problem.


Hm. The IMF is calling on Canada to cut income taxes and add a carbon tax. For a petrol state. Great. Real smart.

See Australia for results. 

"...the IMF says gasoline should be taxed at about $0.55 (U.S.) a litre instead of the current 36 cents, and road diesel at about $0.64 per litre, instead of the current 42 cents."

They make it sound so...simple.

"...Parry admitted, however, that governments haven’t been very successful at communicating the “revenue neutral” message and that voters have been skeptical"

That's because there's no such thing as "revenue-neutral." Just like Obamacare was never cost-neutral or whatever it was they lied about.

"The IMF calculates phasing in the carbon taxes to the levels it suggests would increase Canada’s gross domestic product by 1.4 per cent, reduce carbon emissions by 15 per cent and diminish deaths from air pollution by 25 per cent, the latter mostly from reducing coal use."

There it is again. What is it with this fetish of driving growth through taxes? It's nonsense.

On it went.

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