World Cup: Officiating Continues To Stink

I'm currently watching the 1/16 match contested between France-Nigeria. I have a huge problem with the officiating at the WC and this match is no different. We were told that once studs go up it's an automatic dismissal as was the case with Italy's Marchisio. Yet, in today's match a more more serious challenge by a French player was shown a yellow? The injury to the Nigerian was significant since he had to to be subbed off. Marchisio's play was unintentional and far less egregious.

Meanwhile, in the Costa-Rica-Greece game, the ref seemed bent on sending Costa Rica off the field. While the yellow on Duarte was justified, the ref missed a clear and deliberate hand ball by the Greek player. Had he positioned himself properly he would have seen it and we're spared the travesty of extra time and penalty kicks in that game.

The Netherlands against Mexico wasn't without its own drama. The irony in that game is that one of the game's most notorious cheat and diver in Arjen Robben was actually fouled twice in that game with the second coming in the controversial penalty call late in the game. Holland won 2-1 as a result.

Now, while it was heartbreaking for Mexico, what was Herrera thinking taking off Dos Santos and Peralta? Managers sometimes over manage and it bites them in the arse.

Nice sum up here at The 3rd Team.

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