Suarez Is A Funny Guy

Suarez wrote: "After the impact... I lost my balance, making my body unstable and falling on top of my opponent. At that moment I hit my face against the player, leaving a small bruise on my cheek and a strong pain in my teeth."

But the seven-man panel ruled that the bite was "deliberate, intentional and without provocation."

Suarez played this all wrong. Completely all wrong. He knows what he did was deliberate. He knows there's precedence seeing he did this twice before. So him playing this game is not only incredibly hilarious, it points straight to the heart of the matter: He's unrepentant. If he's unable to apologize (just like Zidane) he's likely to repeat this action again.

Uruguay's president and coach should be even more embarrassed for defending his actions.

I can't comment on the ban itself. Figuring out FIFA logic is like trying to understand a progressive (whoa!) or how the NHL doles out suspensions. It's erratic at best.

For his part, Chiellini thought the suspension excessive. Imagine that. He's the victim. Didn't receive and apology and still stood by a fellow footballer.

As for Uruguay today in their match against Colombia. Their excessive, physical tactics didn't work against a very strong opponent as they bowed out of the WC following a 2-0 loss.

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