Sports Corner: Cubist Italy Leaves World Cup; James Opts Out Of Miami; Duncan Stays With Spurs

Some quick thoughts on some stories in the world of sports.

Lebron James announced he will opt our of his contract with Miami leaving him an unrestricted free agent. This is the second time in four years this attention hogger decides he wants to try another team. Of course, it's his right as things are done in the modern NBA. Athletes of his stature do have the added dimension of thinking of their brand to consider. So don't fault him for it.

Pat Riley said as much but a few days ago he also said,  “You’ve got to stay together if you’ve got the guts. And you don’t find the first door to run out of.” I don't know if it was a last ditch pitch to keep James in Miami but there's some truth to it. As a great player, you're supposed to attract other players to come to you. You shouldn't be roaming around like an insecure latchkey boy looking to be with the cool kids.


Meanwhile, Tim Duncan opts to stay with the Spurs. No fuss, mo muss. Steady as she goes. No drama.

Quote of the day from ESPN's comments thread: American runs on Duncan.


It's now been 48 years since England has won the World Cup. This surpasses Italy's wait between WC wins (1938-1982). England's drought is even worse considering there was no WC between 1939 and 1949 having resumed in 1950. So you can remove 12 years from Italy's wait making it 32. Brazil waited 24 years between wins (1970-1994) and Germany is currently sitting on 24 as well.

I'm gonna guess they will both be waiting. Unless the officiating gets in the way.


My thoughts on Italy exiting for the second straight World Cup? Two words. Uncharted territory. Not since the 1950s and 60s have Italy gone through such a down spin. The loss to Uruguay has led to the resignation of manager Prandelli as well as the President of the Italian federation.

Prandelli never quite could figure out what style or tactics was best suited for the team. So confusing and absurd, it reminded me of a Picasso cubist painting (pic Femme en pleurs)

As for the bite by Suarez, that was a crucial non-call; especially considering the harsh sending off of Marchisio. The straight red for a player that doesn't play rough is especially irritating given how many players have gotten away with far worse including those from the Brazilian and Dutch sides.

Italy had the game under control until the sending off of Marchisio. Suarez's attack only destabilized the team further. I rarely see Italian teams lose composure like I've seen these past two tournaments. Unfortunate but it's the way of the soccer sword.


I've grown tired of the antics, drama and officiating to be honest.

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