Censor At Will!

  It's a good thing kids have responsible leaders in the communities or else, you know, mayhem.

"Principal Matt Munger ordered 13 offensive phrases censored, The Arizona Daily Star reports, and pinned the blame on the school's yearbook teacher, Thomas Knutson, for a lack of oversight.
"This falls squarely on the shoulders of the teacher," district spokeswoman Cara Rene told the Daily Star.
The students will not face discipline, but Knutson will for not passing the yearbook on to the administration for review before printing, Rene added."

They're crazy.

Simple as that.

Fucking nuts.

Imagine authority figures going in and editing and censoring all the inside jokes and references that are a part of being in high school. Death of the inside joke!
Look, this is what PC in full flight looks like. It's a plague that's slowly eroding freedom of speech.


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