Gnaaarrrr!: "Hurray for all kinds of things!"

While New York voted for an utterly boring socialist hack in Bill De Blasio, Reykjavik went bold and elected an eccentric Mayor - Jon Gnarr - who has proven to be effective.

Among his slogans, there's the one mentioned in the title of this post and "More punk, less hell!"

And you gotta love this:

"We can promise more than any other partybecause we will break every campaign promise.»

Pretty much like mainstream parties anyway, right? Promise the moon like the PQ did to those dinky student protestors and then turn around and break it. The self-entitled, commie students lying in bed with the PQ learned a hard lesson best explained by Otter in Animal House when he told Flounder after they fucked up his brother's car: "You fucked up, you trusted us!"


New York. You're not so cool.

This story makes me think there's hope that one day paternalists like Bloomberg and De Blasio may one day be fired never to return. To be banished into the dark, unforgiving forests of Nunavut. There they could howl at the moon yelping about the fall of civilization for not listening to them.

Hey, a man-boy can dream can't he?

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