Uruguay Moves To Defend Its Son

Been reading the depraved and disappointing reactions from Uruguay.

Sometimes, it's all in how you react that can save you a headache and Uruguay is choosing instead to play the victim in this moment. With that, I've come to the opinion Uruguay should be removed from the World Cup simply by the fact it chose to engage in conspiratorial behavior. t won't happen but that's what FIFA should do. 

Enough of making mockery of the game in this manner.

That the leader of a country would get involved only threatens to make this a farce. It goes to show the unhealthy hypnotic grasp the sport has on people. They claim this campaign is being led by the Italians...and English.

Right, Dale Gribble. Whatever you say, buddy.

We're entering Zidane idiocy here. Remember when then President Jacques Chirac and la nation welcomed home their tragic, fallen hero? The French went into over drive protecting their thug? Or poor wittle-little Zidane. He was hurt by wittle wirds. He had to head butt another player to defend his honor!

In the end, once all the lying stopped (Zidane lied out of his ass), all it amounted to was a little trash talking not uncommon we see in all sports.

Idiots. Fucking idiots.

I asked someone who was acting like a complete fool tripping over himself - including using lies long since debunked - defending the violent actions of Zidane if he'd tell his kid to behave in that manner. He paused. I went further. "What do we teach our kids? To lash out and punch someone after hearing something we don't like on the field or do we ask them to be disciplined and show inner-mental fortitude?" Further,

I have ZERO tolerance and respect for people who defend Zidane. And so it is with Suarez. The excuses I'm hearing in defense of this buffoon is epic. Makes me wonder what the collective IQ, literally, is of these people who jump to protect him.

The thing that further perplexes me is, like with Zidane, there is precedence for his behavior. So, there's nothing really that can be defended. What's to 'investigate?' Chiellini had his back to the play as both were in the air and landing, Suarez went to bite him but it went wrong and came off looking like a headbutt. There was no shoulder movement. This thing of the shoulder got in the way is the defense of ignorant yokel or smart alec killer using a defense along the lines of 'but your honor, I didn't kill that person! He got in the way of the bullet!'

Suarez himself is completely unrepentant despite this being his third offense saying, 'things happen.'

They sure do. But no one expects two things: Getting spat at or on and getting bitten. Those two actions are about as low as you can get. When Francesco Totti spat at Poulsen at the 2004 Euros the Italian Federation sent him home. There was no defense of this vile action and he apologized immediately. Unlike Rikaard who spat a German player at the World Cup in 1998 or 2002 I believe it was. The Dutch, for their part, kept their player on the roster.

It's inconsequential what the player did to initiate such an action. In the end, someone must be held accountable. In the case of Totti, he spat at a notoriously troublesome player in Critstian Poulsen (the Ken Linseman of hockey). No one said, 'yeah well, he deserves it because he's a dirty player!"

Suarez bites someone in front of billions and it's the English out to get him. Riiight.

That's Quebecois nationalist epic stupidity here whenever they defend OLF assholes who harass businesses. Apparently, that's ok. It's the Anglo media who make an issue of it. Never mind that it PISSES people off.

To end this post, I'll use a real-world example. At my daycare, the second a child bites another child, we must fill out a report and notify all parents. Biting is a serious offense. No one asks, what did the child who received the bite do? That's retarded.

So excuse me if I think Luis Suarez is a child with a problem. What adult behaves this way?

FIFA should settle this quickly. The entire world saw what happened and the longer it drags on, the longer Uruguay and its derelict defenders of this dope continues.


There are two types of people in this world. Those who defend the violent actions of people like Zidane and Suarez and those who don't.

I loathe the former.

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