Beer And Running

Generally, I like to have a beer after a run or an excursion on the bike. Mostly because it's soothing for some reason. I don't know what the full effects may be but I don't care. It's fluids with barley, and hops and what not. So how bad can it be? Aside from, well, the alcohol.

It was the same thing after a hockey or soccer game. If it were a pick-up league, the losing team would have to buy. Nothing beat a long night in sub-zero temperatures playing hockey or a sweet, summer evening playing some baseball with beer.

Whatever. I hit the bourbon on off days.

I think if you feel like a coffee or an espresso or a beer before or after exercising, go for it.

Just make sure you replenish yourself with plenty of fluids be it water or Gatorade or whatever. I do that in consult with a cold one.

I came across this article delving into it a little more scientifically.

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