Meet The Woman Behind The Prosecution Of Aaron Swartz: Carmen Ortiz

Prosecutors with political ambitions are the worst kind of miscreants willing to destroy lives at will. They're demonic dragons who possess a tad too much power.

So it is with Carmen Ortiz in the Aaron Swartz saga.

Government just loves beating the shit out of little people and turning a blind eye to the real criminals and crooks. It's a disturbing feature of AG Eric Holder's office. When Ortiz came under fire for over zealous, over reach in trying to make an example of Swarz, Holder defended her:

Attorney General Eric Holder defended Ortiz's aggressive prosecution before the Senate Judiciary Committee, terming it, "a good use of prosecutorial discretion."

Swarz committed suicide as all this nonsense of evil went on.

Read the links. See what type of individuals 'represent' the people:


Second link to Huffington.

A couple at Tech Dirt here and here.

Finally at Esquire.

Not pretty.

Really not a nice person.

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