Soda Ban Canned By Courts: Give It Up Already New York

"By choosing among competing policy goals, without any legislative delegation or guidance, the board engaged in lawmaking," the court wrote in a majority opinion. "... Its choices raise difficult, intricate and controversial issues of social policy."

No. Bleeping. Kidding. It was pushed forward by unelected health officials. Bloomberg ridiculously thought this was appropriate.

"Indeed, debate over the soda size cap pitted health officials who called it an innovative anti-obesity tool against critics who considered it unfair to businesses and paternalistic toward consumers. Even a Court of Appeals judge, during arguments earlier this month, wondered aloud whether regulators would target triple-decker burgers next."

Well. I made similar arguments here.

"But city leaders signaled they might not give up the fight. Mayor Bill de Blasio said the city was "actively reviewing all of its options to protect the health and well-being of our communities"; officials wouldn't immediately specify what those might be. The city hasn't said whether it plans to try to appeal, but the case doesn't raise federal issues that would make it a likely choice for the Supreme Court."

Fuck off you insufferable assholes. You don't give one rat's ass about the well-being of people. In any event, they didn't ask for this. Of all the fucking things to fight over, this is these jerkoffs focus on? It will have ZERO EFFECT on the 'well-being' of people. How insipid can they possibly be?

Somebody is pushing this. But who? Cui bono?

"Due to today's unfortunate ruling, more people in New York City will die from obesity-related impacts," he said in a statement Thursday.

Ah, yes. The appeal to emotion. When all else fails, use fear. Just like how Obama mocks people who oppose climate change. Fear and mockery. It's what paternalists love.

And what a f lousy, liar Bloomberg is for actually saying this. I'm gonna go out on a limb and take the bet. No one will die.

Right there someone should pull him aside and tell him, 'dude. Really?'

Soda has been under fire for years from health advocates, who say the beverages are uniquely harmful because people don't realize how much sugar they're guzzling. A 21-ounce Coke, McDonald's medium size, has 200 calories and 55 grams of sugar, for instance.

Only TOP Men can tell people who much sugar they're consuming. They're completely incapable of figuring this out so...regoooolashuns!

I wonder. What about cafe shops like Starbucks? I mean, hypocritical rich folks love to go there. Seems to me you can pack a mean punch of calories at Starbucks.

But they wouldn't touch that because they love going to pick up their choco-caramel-skim-milk-raw sugar-with a straw decaf cap grande on their way to figuring out ways to bust the balls of free citizens. Just like they're free to drink their wine (which converts to sugar), people have a right to their god damn 16oz drinks.

This ban is so stupid and incoherent I can't believe they're still on it despite people saying no. Who do these people represent exactly?

"Meanwhile, Coke and Pepsi have rolled out smaller cans and bottles, some as small as 7.5 ounces."

The MARKET ALONE will adjust to new tastes. It doesn't need Bloomberg and his gang of tyrannical hacks to tell it what to do.
Not surprisingly, the pearl clutchers at the New York Times chime in with their progressive drivel:

Might it not be healthy to put aside the rhetoric about saving lives, and speak directly to the issue: taxpayers foot the healthcare bills for many of those who, despite the facts, can't stop gorging on junk. We can no longer afford the "freedom to drink yourself sick." Thus, we must take action. 

Go fuck yourself. Short sighted and selective people like this should just...go fuck themselves. Man, does NYT suck worse than a bag of turnip chips.

And of course, some were push for a 'tax' on soda. Naturally. When all else fails tax the shit out of things and hurt the pocketbooks. That tax on foods actually hit the poor the most doesn't matter because what's important is they be taken care of by their masters. It's the last refuge of busy bodies.

Can't push a law no one wants through unelected bodies and scare tactics? Okay, assholes. We'll tax you!  Just like here in Quebec we did with gas. We complain about gas prices and stupidly only focus on the oil companies but rarely sit down, think and realize the real culprit are the excessive TAXES.

You really think the gas tax is for the environment?


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