Canada's Public Health System: 'Borderline Third World'; Obamacare Will Not Save Money

One thing I like about my clientele is they're a well-traveled, experienced lot. Whenever we talk about the differences between countries one inevitable topic that comes up his health care. To the person, not one is all that impressed with our national health care.

To date, I have spoken to a Belgian, French, German, Italian, American and Australian.

The Australian comment was especially interesting describing Canada's archaic and rigid system as  "borderline third world conditions." According to this mate, what makes Australia works is the fact a private system co-exists (pragmatically) alongside a public one.

Having a 100% public system is just impractical. Because...altogether now...one size fits all is stupid and nothing in life is 'free!'

No kidding. Yet, in Canada, the 'P' word continues to conjure up all sorts of irrational and negative concerns. Try and have a reasonable discussion with a Canadian deluded by nationalist propaganda about our crumbling, cash-draining, bureaucratic system monstrosity.

Cost-centric rather than patient-centric, our public health system consistently ranks below other OECD members. Never mind about the lack of modern equipment and innovation.

Honestly, at this point, I don't understand people who either don't realize this or tolerate it because 'free.'

Canadians should demand more.

But hey.

Altogether now:

"We're in this together and at least we're not American!"


No shit, Sherlocks.

Sometimes I wonder if progressives have any real training in finance and math.

That Obamacare wasn't going to save money was pretty obvious to clear-minded people. Except those people were called 'extremists' and 'racists' by the dopes at MSNBC and the like.

When you lost Huffington and its commenters you know you pretty much fucked up.

Obama and the Democrats lied and now face the wrath of the people.

Comment: Did anyone seriously think that Obama care was good for anyone??

Did anyone really think it would save money? If they did, they were a sycophant or really terrible at math.

Progressive Americans seem to think single payer is the answer now. They've done enough damage and I hope they're ignored outright.

See above for what single-payer Canadian style is:


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