Woman Who Tried To Save Ducks On Highway Resulting In Deaths Of Two People Convicted

Woman who stopped in the middle of a highway to save ducks was convicted on two counts of criminal negligence resulting in the deaths of a motorcyclist and his daughter who was a passenger.

Sad. Tragic.

But a couple of things.

It's not clear to me how she stopped. Did she slam the breaks and the victims ploughed into her? Did she stop and have her hazards on at which point was the motorcyclist paying attention? Shouldn't some responsibility fall on the victim?

In any event, I don't believe this person is a criminal and deserves jail time. She did something stupid and thoughtless (even though she wanted to save animals - I wonder if the optic would have changed if it were a dog) but then again she's far from being alone when it comes to stupidity on the road. People cheat accidents and even death ALL THE TIME. I see inconsiderate actions on the road every single day. And even when people are being considerate they often do so in a dangerous and reckless manner. For example, people will stop without warning on a road with no stop just to let a person coming out of a parking or store in. If there are no stops then keep the flow going. It drives me nuts.

More importantly, Quebec has lenient laws against drunk drivers - even those who kill. We've let people back on the road despite over 15 DUI's in some cases. Yet they do no jail time.

That's retarded. They're the real menace to society.

Not this woman.

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