Liberals Take Unfortunate Position On Rockland MD

I have a private file at Rockland MD so I'm thoroughly disappointed with the Liberals on this front. Though I can't say I'm surprised. All part of the rigid mindset we have here. We're comfortable in our splendid mediocrity.

"The decision not to renew an agreement that saw the private Rockland MD clinic perform 1,500 operations a year for the Sacre Coeur Hospital could inconvenience Quebec medical patients, according to the opposition CAQ party.

Liberal Health Minister Gaetan Barrette told a parliamentary commission Thursday that he had no intention of renewing the agreement, which expires on September 4, 2014.

Barrette said that the cost per surgery is more expensive at the Rockland MD clinic than within the public network; however CAQ MNA Eric Caire presented a study claiming the opposite."
I highly doubt it's more expensive than in the wasteful, inefficient and expensive public network. It's  outright laughable to believe this.

This is EXACTLY why we have a crappy health system. What is so wrong to with surgeries performed on the private side? It's sad and ridiculous how politically driven our system has become. 

"However Barrette said that the Fleury and Jean Talon hospitals would be able to help pick up the slack."

That's right. Hoard people like cattle right back into the over burdened public system. The use of the term 'pick up the slack' is impressive too.
In those four little words you see why we suck.



At least we're not American!

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