Daycare Update

Still waiting for my permit.

I can't do anything until then.

Faith in the will of the people my ass.

Here's the kicker. If I could see the merit in the hold up then it would be less annoying but as it stands, two levels of bureaucracy are still finding fault (and arguing between clueless middleman like me) with the architectural plans designed by an expert in day cares.

In a nutshell the story goes like this: The architect goes with the provincial codes. His logic is that it all stems and flows from there. Na-ah. We're dealing with civil servants here each with their own agendas, quirks and ideas. When I got a call from the municipal urban department the other day, they asked me to make (more) adjustments. I went back to the architect and asked him to comply. He turns around and tells me they're wrong and that they should read the code. In suave Berber French, "Look Commentator, it's all there" as he flips through pages. I glance over and reply, "So? It does me no good. You have to convince them. That's the game."

I tell him to call them and tell them or else he should just do it. He calls them. They don't believe him. How funny is that? They don't even know the provincial codes nor do they care to check into it. Instead, they want "proof" that his previous plans were accepted by the province.

This is what I have to put up with standing in the middle with 14 copies of architectural plans in my soft hands. Now, what's likely going to happen is I'll get approved by the province (which in theory should trump everything) but the municipality will probably with hold by certificate of occupation nonetheless unless my plans are exactly as they state. More time wasted.

This is not functional nor is it efficient nor is it intelligent nor is it beneficial nor is it for the "greater good" nor does it have a real purpose. All it adds up to is bureaucratic ballbusting. It's like an editor complaining you used a comma instead of a semi-colon or that you didn't cross your 'T' properly it's that insignificant.

But that insignificance is costing me money as I sink further into debt.

They don't care, or at least this is how it's coming off, about my debt or the families who are banking on my day care opening in the early fall. If this keeps up there's a real danger the list of kids I have will dwindle as parents make other arrangement if this persists.

Sigh. The bright side? It discourages people from entering this field. More opportunities, however superficial, for me.It leads to shortages but that can only mean more chances for me to open up other centers...I hope. I consider it a barrier to entry.

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