Welcome To Our Bizarro Dark Age

Everyone has a problem now as we've discussed endlessly here. Everyone finds something to be outraged about.

While I've carefully culled a rather disturbing amount of articles that cover the malaise of perpetual anger that grips people these days, I think you might enjoy this site where it's all in one stop.

Read at your own peril.

I found this site after reading a ridiculous and absolutely retarded article in The Washington Post where some Wonker has a problem with people buying expensive sandwiches.

Yes, you idiot. The *rich* get better food, cars, watches, houses, education - you name it. Stop acting like a whiny, envious bitch pretending to be some sort of social justice warrior buffoon and accept this reality. I'm not *rich* although morons on the left may claim I am (meh. I do well for myself) but I'm able to, through simple money management, to buy the occasional luxury item.

I shut up and aim to get something. Complaining incessantly and using '1%' lingo is for losers.

Sorry. But this is the cold hard truth. We don't need envious parasitical people. We need doers with their heads screwed on right.

There's nothing controversial in what I'm saying. It's in our DNA to want this.

I don't know where to begin with this aside from the fact it's utterly pointless and rooted in the usual envious projections progressives have come to excel at.

No one is forcing anyone to buy anything they don't want to buy. And if people with disposable income choose to sink $12 in a sandwich all the friggin power to them.

How is railing against this pass off as rigorous social commentary? It's vapidity for its own vapid sake.

Is the choice by some to purchase expensive sandwiches coming at the expense of removing choice by those with less income? No. Quite frankly, this is where a sane and sober mind will conclude it's not worth making an issue of it because there really isn't one.

There still remains a vast array of sandwiches on the market to please every pallet and wallet. It has no value except, I think, to remove choice at the top because someone at the bottom can't get it.

But if this asshole had his way, he'd even ban the choice. 

Which, of course, is a sad way to think and the race to the bottom progressives seem to want. Except they call it 'social justice' or something.

And then came this from England.

"...Third year Oxford student Annie Teriba is best know for her driving role in the iconoclastic #Rhodesmustfall campaign to remove “racist” historical statues of Cecil Rhodes from campus, and for forcing the Oxford Union to declare themselves “institutionally racist” and mandate racial awareness workshops for committee members, because they organised a cocktail party called “The Colonial Comeback.”

Oxford. Fucken Oxford allows for minds like this to rot their halls? What kind of intellectually limp and weak people run that fucken school? Therein lies the problem. Universities and Colleges don't have the balls to toss these trouble-making clowns out. They don't add to the intellectual process. They diminish it; ridicule it. They're sinister in their bankrupted minds.

Jolly old England has lost its mind and Germany is not too far behind.

Notice the neat trick here. She basically made herself a victim of her own delusional constructs of what constitutes rape and other crimes. It's all about finding your 'victim niche'. The story isn't about rape. It's about her.

Comic books have been playing this psychopath tendency for decades. You know, the criminal genius who concocts a plan to make himself look like the hero in order to get the population on his side so he can go on plotting to ruthlessly kill and take over whatever it is they want.

The excellent show Gotham just did it.

Is Trump crazy? Maybe. Carson? Perhaps.

Sanders and Hillary are equal to the task. Though I think Sanders banal and vapid notions on economics are possibly the craziest.

But Social Justice Retards take crazy to a whole new level.

It's a Dark Age. And that's that.


A Bizarro Dark Age.


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