Canadian Election: The Parties By Spending Promises

From the Canadian Taxpayers Federation:

"For fiscal 2016-17, the cost of promises made by the Liberals is $10.1 billion, followed by the NDP at $5.7 billion and the Conservatives at $256 million. By fiscal 2019-20, the NDP promises to spend an additional $16 billion per year, followed by the Liberals at $10.8 billion and the Conservatives at $923 million.

Recall that our $612 billion federal debt currently costs taxpayers $26 billion per year in interest payments alone,” added Wudrick. “Unfortunately, none of the parties have proposed to pay down debt, and one is promising more debt. We remain hopeful that whichever party forms government after October 19th will take concrete steps to address this elephant in the room.”
Notice the Liberals out 'free shit' the NDP by double the amount.  And no, that the fact the Liberals want to outspend everyone is not proof they're more compassionate. Just more willing to use other people's money to give things to people.

Not compassionate - or cool - to me.

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