Forcing Rational Behavior On Animists

You know, I'm beginning to think, as I watch nutty gun grabbers up their fervent calls for more gun control (although, no one has specified exactly what this entails. The more lazy and totalitarian among them just simply let the mask slip and call for the repealing of the 2A or others take a deceitful route with calls, for example, to designate organizations like the NRA as 'terrorist' completely ignoring the fact its members are law-abiding citizens who freely joined an organization. It points to the general ignorance and evil nature of the gun-control crowd), they're nothing but emotionally driven children who are angry they didn't get their toy.


A bunch of smug adults who simply can't believe people aren't going along with their schemes. It doesn't enter their mind on any level people recognize the limits of gun control and that the problem may not be necessarily rooted in guns. After all, cars kill more people every year but no one is calling for more car control. We accept the risks.

So what's driving these people?

Simple. They can't understand or fathom how anyone would want to own a gun. Ergo, in the mind set of such people. this means no one should have any. Sure they claim they don't want to outlaw guns but you instinctively get the feeling (think smoking campaign. What started out as a 'common sense' campaign of awareness about the ill effects on cigarettes has turned into a full blown out war on civil liberties where personal choice (think high taxes, banning smoking in various public spaces and the recent disturbing trend in private spheres) is concerned. And they succeeded all through emotional manipulation. For instance, there are no scientific studies conclusively linking smoking - let alone second hand smoke - to cancer they played on people's emotion enough to have them simply accept 'it's just so') this is their end game.

It's to give a big 'fuck you, we did it...for the children' to people who own guns.

It's all I can see.

Statistics (including declining gun violence and the fact gun control doesn't necessarily mean less crime; not to mention the cost associated with running such a program. Canadians will recall the absurd waste of the gun registry which cost taxpayers about $2 billion with absolutely precious little to show for it except provide a security blanket for our fears)  don't back them up. There are different degrees of laws on the books depending on the state varying from permissive to restrictive. Yet, they deliberately lie, skew or ignore the facts.


Because it's all they've got.

Or in the case of Obama, he pathetically has resorted, surprise, to threatening solo action on the matter. Mostly cosmetic of course, because shallow is what they do, but at least he will show he's 'doing something, anything' while ensuring the narrative of 'enlightened v. evil' continues.

I just love all the tantrums I'm seeing. 

Maybe it's a way of forcing them to think rationally.

Or perhaps I'm being too optimistic.

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  1. And they never explain what gun control measures would have prevented a particular mass shooting. They just call for unspecified "action" on guns. If someone is not a convicted felon, or been declared by a court mentally incompetent, just what do they think will stop someone from committing an evil act with guns? Of course, the real purpose is to create hatred of guns and gun owners and eventually get the tide of opinion to swing toward things like banning handguns outright, or other violations of the 2nd Amendment. Obama is a liar and an extremely corrupt and evil man.


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