Daily Derp: The Reign Of Derp Under The Shiny Toy Liberal Government Begins Now!

'Do anything' governance because children and environment has come.

Saddle up ponies it's gonna be a derpy one!

Lesssss start this thing! /strokes shiny car.


Gun sales continue to rise but gun violence still on long decline.

No wonder Americans needs gun control.


De-romanticizing America's immigrant past:

"....The first “illegal” immigrants were people, like the Chinese, who were banned from entering the U.S.  The Chinese Exclusion Act passed in 1882.  Over the years, immigration laws were passed that restricted certain categories of persons from immigrating, but no numerical limitations or quotas existed.  Those persons barred from immigrating included Asians (except Japanese and Filipinos), prostitutes, paupers, polygamists, persons with “dangerous and loathsome contagious disease,” persons likely to become a public charge, anarchists and radicals, the “feebleminded” and “insane,” and the illiterate.  The vast majority of people who arrived at a port of entry were allowed to enter.  Of course, some people lied about their health and political beliefs and entered “illegally.”  The Immigration Service excluded only 1 percent of the 25 million immigrants from Europe who arrived at Ellis Island between 1880 and World War I."

Timeline of the history of the immigration in the United States.


Swedish blog keeping tabs on its derp.

Fall of the West if this keeps up.


I'm starting to think this mythical 'war on cops' is largely created by the cops. 


Expect more of these kinds of 'shame' rapes in the West not unlike these animals killed their own flesh and blood. She was quite the lovely woman too. 


And utterly depraved.


I always like me a Michael Weiss piece about foreign policy.


You know, since I've been hearing and reading about health care rankings not just from the WHO but several other think-tanks and organizations, Canada has never been considered a world class system.

Like ever. We wallow around the bottom in splendid mediocrity.

But hey. It's "free".


Anecdote time!

Speaking of our awesome and compassionate public health system that is the envy of the world (so I'm told), three months ago I sent in a fax to the knee specialist who performed surgery on my torn ACL about 25 years ago. One of the screws never dissolved and it's a (sometimes painful) nuisance I decided needs removing. I was told if the doctor feels it's a priority I can expect a call quickly (inside three months. Yup, in Canada three months is 'quick') if not....

I guess I'm not a priority as it's basically getting on past the three month period. I left a couple of messages asking to get an idea - it would be too demanding to get a firmer answer of course so I tepidly accept a 'ball park' idea like any third world individual would - when I should expect a call for a date.

No one called me back and nor do I expect a call back.

I will have to keep calling and hope I get my hands on the secretary.

Now that's accountability in health!

Alas, we Canadians accept it because, well, I'm not sure why except maybe for a deep rooted irrational and misinformed fear about not being American or some shit.


Syria and Libya are Obama's (with aid from Hillary) messy creation and now the Russians are solidly involved in the Middle-East.

Foreign policy with a hint of Twist Shandy. Change you can believe in.


Tamir Rice trial:

"Sims concluded in his report that Loehmann’s actions were “objectively reasonable” due to his stated belief that Rice was holding a real firearm and posed a threat. Crawford wrote that the shooting “falls within the realm of reasonableness” defined under the US constitution. McGinty said his office was “not reaching any conclusions” from the reports and would present all evidence to a grand jury."

What a crock of shit. How anyone can conclude this watching the video is beyond me.

The cops over reacted and killed that child.

I reject this disturbing notion that parents shouldn't let their kids play with toy guns in public as well as the idea that people must comply. Even if they don't, it doesn't justify a shooting.


Speaking of police abuse. 

"On Friday, Atlanta Hawks shooting guard Thabo Sefolosha was found not guilty of disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and misdemeanor obstruction of a government administration. His acquittal on all charges in his case against the New York City Police Department was vindication for the Swiss-born star, who had his leg broken in an altercation with police earlier this year, causing him to miss the last four games of the regular season and the entirety of the playoffs..."


So much for fracking affecting drinking water.


Did I mention and argue we're in an intellectual dark age? Universities and colleges are leading the way. 

"Some students at the University of Missouri have called on administrators to remove a statue of founding father Thomas Jefferson, suggesting in a petition and during a recent protest that the campus sculpture is offensive, oppressive, and celebrates a “racist rapist.”

There are some really stupid people on campuses these days.


"How would you like a free butler, maid, chef and chauffeur? Try that and the Department of Labor will sue you for violating the minimum wage, overtime and record-keeping requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act — unless you are Justice Sonia Sotomayor. That’s right. Since 2010, she has hired unpaid interns as her servants. No other justice does this."

Look. My surprise face.


Speaking of liberal preachisms enter notable *Native* American politician Elizabeth Warren and her lack of self-awareness:

"...Kevin Williamson skewers Elizabeth Warren for criticizing Scott Brown’s Wall Street–sourced donations, when she has no compunctions about campaign donations and her endowed salary coming from huge corporate-law firms, which make a solid chunk of their profits from, well, working on Wall Street. But Warren’s close ties to the legal industry are vaguely hypocritical in another way, too: the degree to which large corporate-law firms increasingly resemble the Wall Street banks which Warren demonizes..."

Still with Warren, the title - 'Elizabeth Warren’s Intellectual Purge' - of this WSJ article caught my eye more than anything since it's behind a paywall but it did make me think of think of the nomenklatura.

Who were they?

"...a category of people within the Soviet Union and other Eastern Bloc countries who held various key administrative positions in all spheres of those countries' activity: government, industry, agriculture, education, etc., whose positions were granted only with approval by the communist party of each country or region."

From the appropriately named Linda Stasti:

"One terrorist group is responsible for more civilian deaths since December 2012 (the Sandy Hook massacre) than Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, Hamas and the Taliban. Yet it is the only nearly-state sponsored terrorist group that is not listed by the U.S. State Department as such.

It is the National Rifle Association and for their unending lobbying that’s kept a lid on gun control we now have 428 times more American deaths by gun than deaths by foreign terrorists.

No? Between 2012 and 2015, according to University of Maryland’s Global Terrorism Database, ISIS has murdered approximately 12,138 civilians, Boko Haram,10,092, the Taliban 9,427 and Hamas, 85."

Yes, because the NRA calls on its members to kill people; never mind the heinous torture and rape those terrorist groups engage in.

Intellectually regressive this nonsensical shrill individual.

Linda, give me those stats. They're liable to give you a concussion.


Hm. And what about France's imperialist wars, Depardoo?

"The US? They're a people who have constantly destroyed others," the 66-year-old actor railed in a broadcast Thursday by Paris radio station France Inter, taken from an interview he gave the day before to Russian journalists in Moscow.

"They fought each other, destroyed the Indians, after that they perpetrated slavery, then there was the civil war," he said."

That's a whole lotta stupid right there from Gerard Depardieu.

Lord me. I thought Europeans were supposed to be smart and sophisticated.


Great moments in Hillary Emails.

People still watch and trust 60 Minutes?



We're seeing more and more of these stories.

"Germany is struggling to cope with the 1.5 million migrants it expects to absorb this year and those arriving in Berlin often have to wait days if not weeks to be registered at asylum centres.
The group of twenty who have decided to sue claim they have had to wait more than a week. Their “urgent application” has been confirmed by a court spokesman, Die Welt reports.

The court spokesman said the plaintiffs were seeking to “put pressure on the authorities” by bringing the case, and the court would issue a ruling in the coming days. The spokesman said that the incident was just one of several similar legal cases brought by migrants over the past two weeks."

 I don't think they grasp how this works.


Here you go. This is what liberals think about:

"Can you be liberal and eat at Chick-fil-A?"

Liberalism is dead.



When the truth costs you your job.

"A Chicago investigator who determined that several civilian shootings by police officers were unjustified was fired after resisting orders to reverse those findings, according to internal records of his agency obtained by WBEZ."


More weird and confused assertions from an aimless Obama administration. This from John Kerry:

"...Secretary of State John Kerry on Tuesday called for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to step aside. Kerry said violence could end after a ceasefire “if one man would merely make it known to the world that he doesn't have to be part of the long-term future, he'll help manage Syria out of this mess, and then go off into the sunset as most people do after a period of public life.”

Not too long ago he and Hillary considered him a 'reformer' and a 'friend'.


What do I think about the Volkswagen emissions scandal?


Diesel engines are awesome and I'm glad I leased a TDI.

VW got caught and should pay the necessary fines but I hope it stops there and we don't go over board with hyper reactions. The problem is they did it under a U.S. administration all too willing to make "an example" of companies. Already people have lost their jobs because of the U.S. and its hard nosed stance.

From TTAC:

"It is no surprise that environmental activists are staging protests in reaction to the Volkswagen emission scandal. Members of Greenpeace marched last week outside the VW plant in Wolfsburg, Germany. Somewhere in America, we are sure someone will print off one of those red and white pro-union banners saying “Shame on XYZ Volkswagen” and plant themselves in front of a VW dealership.

But to shame a TDI owner who is possibly already miffed knowing his car may be dropping in value — and possibly gas mileage and torque after the emission fix?

Portland resident Rick Gencarelli found the following note under the windshield wiper of his Jetta TDI over the weekend:
Hello, VW TDI owner. While cute, your TDI is outfitted with a cheating device meant to elude emission standards. Your car is currently polluting at rates higher than nearly any modern gasoline car today. Not to mention VW lied to you and the public, and was founded by Nazis (sad face). Perhaps it’s time to consider a different car.
(Signed) A sympathetic and concerned citizen of Portland.
As the locals say — in a shameless ripoff of Austin, Texas’ motto — “Keep Portland Weird!”
“It’s ridiculous. And very funny, and very Portland,” said Gencarelli in the clip above.
Kudos to Gencarelli for laughing it off, but would you?"

Sheesh. If true, get a grip Sargent SJW.

Don't worry people. Earth will be safe in spite of our intentions to help it.



Speaking of (poor) environmental records, the EPA dwarfs anything companies could ever do.


U.S. foreign policy in Syria as seen from Irannews.org.


And the Moscow Times.

For better or for worse (mostly worse), Quebec's language issues make news around the world. 

This has to have a negative 'unseen' impact on the province.


"...Gentlemen: it’s our duty to report that Barbara Barrett, erstwhile Cimmerian blogger, has been caught engaging in Orwellian “social justice” bully behaviors against REH fans."


French topless women crash Muslim conference.

This I can get behind.

Of course. France.


Enjoy this Generic Brand video.


The truth about organic food.


Good-bye Yogi Berra. There will never be another like you.

The Yankees legend and master humorous is no doubt among the greatest of all catcher.


Nelson Mandela. It's complicated.

Personally, not a fan of revering flawed people.

He had a dark side.

Not sure why this gets set aside.

Dominos pizza heads for Italy.

I'm gonna bet it will work.


When all else fails, just make a racist accusation study shows.


Are schools cultivating victims? Reason's Robby Soave (who covers campus madness) in a conversation with Bill Frezza discusses this topic.


Don't waste your time with people who keep talking about doom and gloom. This includes climate system change extremists. 

Things are good. No matter how many times we're told the shit is about to hit the fan (thus compelling people to demand we 'do something, anything because we're gonna die') we always manage to make out of it.



How to 'check your white privilege' according to progressives.

/points to sign.

Dark. Age.


The Nation feels Obama is a 'foreign policy grandmaster.'

He has an awkward way of conveying it.

"...Within the spectrum of American state power, he has slowly shifted from the coercion of war, occupation, torture, and other forms of unilateral military action toward the more cooperative realm of trade, diplomacy, and mutual security—all in search of a new version of American supremacy. "

Hm. Libya was an act of aggression without Congressional approval and wanted to do the same in Syria where he had to retreat from his 'red line' threat. What's the good professor going on about?

And the Nobel secretary regrets giving Obama the peace prize prematurely. 



How Argentina came close to winning the war over the Falklands against Great Britain in 1982.


The battle ground for the migrant crisis in Europe is in Central Europe; a familiar theme in history.

Hungary in particular has played its part protecting Europe from invasions.


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