Jobs Eradicated Poverty; Little Else

Hand outs and aid don't lift people out of poverty.

JOBS do.

Jobs that can only be created in a free market that capitalism can offer.

The idea of organizations, rock bands and concerts and narcissist billionaires can 'lift poverty' is absurd and bound to fail. Sure, they can always point to the good work they do but you can pretty much file under 'at least we're doing something!'

It's no more effective than environmentalists, activist scientists and dumb-cluck politicians believing they can sway Mother Nature with all their little carbon-emissions schemes to try and quell climate change'. As if it can be controlled like a kite.

And the only reason why growth is stifled is because people who think they know better than the rest of us keeping tinkering (ie fucking around) with the economy with idealist nonsense.


And for the Top Men and Women. That means get out of the way or...go fly a kite.

There's no such thing as 'common sense regulations' to economics, gun control, free speech and so on.

All misleading notions of control. 

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