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Bernie Sanders is Ayn Rand’s worst nightmare: He’s changing how we view socialism — and exposing free market parasites 

I generally ignore Salon for obvious reasons. It's a cess pool of left-wing idiocy. 

But this title is hilarious. Never mind about their infantile obsession with Rand and propensity for linking her to libertarian principles and thus by extension classical liberalism. The two aren't related. And let's leave aside the tiresome references to Scandinavia - a largely homogeneous geographical region with tiny populations with little impulse for liberty - as if we're unaware of what the statistics show. 

Of course, they cherry-pick what they like about it. They won't point to the high suicide and rape cases and gun ownership as well as the fact the parts of its economy that run well are because they don't allow stupid socialist ideals get in the way to allow the market to operate. Even then, they have companies that essentially run their economies. 

They're like tiny kingdoms with little competition.  

For example, in Denmark, one family-controlled company accounts for 30% of the GDP. That being the Moeller family who control Maersk, the largest grocery store chain and some pharma companies).

Oligarchic it is!

Is this the left's idea of a just economy? 

In addition, to the ridiculous taxes that make them effective slaves to the state, they have high personal and government debt with low ownership of property. And people have those massive amounts of debt because everything is so highly taxed. So they have little to show for that debt.

But...free education and health! Even then, I'm starting to wonder about the actual quality of those. 

I have little interest in emulating Scandinavian countries. They can keep their crappy parasitical welfarism.


'Free market parasites' is all you need to know about the left's abject and pitiful ignorance and views of what are free markets.

A mere market place of people engaging in voluntary economic activity. That's all it is.

The title while amusing, is somewhat disturbing given the irrational and hyper anger directed at capitalist enterprise.

But to the true parasite class that squat in the unproductive and shallow ranks of socialism, voluntary action is unacceptable because it generally means their narratives and demands are often ignored - as they ought to. Socialists accept and/or believe in coercion and confiscatory practices and principles because no sane and sensible person would accept their world view at face value. Well, not intelligent beings who believe in quaint stuff like liberty and free moral agency and enterprise. 

You name it, if they hate it, they want it banned...for the children...for the greater good.

This is where I believe in the 'wisdom of crowds.' People can sniff a loser from a mile away and socialists are just that; envious losers. 







  1. Great analysis!.

    1. Thanks. Although I'm not sure why the post is spaced that way. In my edit window it's fine!

    2. Yeah, I've had it happen too, the strange spacing....


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