Middle East Madness

A few thoughts on the Middle East. The other day I heard a statement on the radio directed to a professor of Middle East history. It was shocking as it was ignorant. Basically, the person stated 'if only Israel would stop the genocide of Palestinians and start following the law everything would normalize in the region.'

I kid you not and the momentary pause on the radio was deafening. To his credit, the professor not only educated this person but scolded them as well for holding such views.

Sadly, I think this is the majority view if not default position of people who cackle 'Palestine Libre'. It completely denies the reality of the history of the region that predates Israel; a tiny, piece of dessert with barely 8 million people in a sea of millions and millions of Arabs, Iranians, Turks and other nations, creeds and peoples. Millions of such peoples killing one another to the tune of millions as well. Recall, most of the warring and murdering doesn't even include Israel or the United States but rather Muslim on Muslim.

It's a stunning position to hold just by this alone.

Yet, despite the facts of modern history, the "post-presidential" Obama continues to flout such nonsense about the area while, for example, completely ignoring the very real genocide of Christians by Muslims.

Keeping with Obama. If Bush is to forever be attacked for Iraq then I can't see why Obama should be given a free pass for his own role in Libya which itself unleashed its own unintended consequences.

It's absurd to blame one administration and not the other based on words and a narrative. American foreign policy was mostly driven by keeping the Russians/Soviets in check in the Middle East. Now with Obama shifting away from this and seemingly ceding power to the Russians, he's taken the U.S. away from a position they've been conducting for decades.

I don't know if Americans just don't understand the Middle-Eastern mind or just don't care, but there's as of yet been a coherent and consistent message by the U.S except for its steadfast alliance with Israel.

Just how crazy is it. See for yourself.

Not an easy thing to figure through.

And the Russians aren't any better at it. In fact, they're probably worse.

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