Irrational Gun Control Rhetoric: Don't Be Fooled

Predictably, following a mass shooting, the usual calls for some kind of 'common sense' gun control or restriction are made. In addition, misguided minds also propose the notion or idea of repealing the 2nd amendment outright.

Although, at the moment, no politician is seriously considering this one can wonder if the rhetoric in its current emotional form can lead to amending the law.

Now to a guy like me, the 2A is pretty straightforward. The right to bear arms shall not be infringed. Period. Anything around this is just noise of just pure arrogance or lends itself to forcing history to fit a narrative.

But that's me.

No one, for the record, has ever articulated what 'common sense' actually means or entails either.

A more troubling and even dangerous development is the one about mental illness.

I hope people understand that 'mental illness' encompasses a wide plethora of issues ranging from ostensibly small (anxiety to, say, vomiting) to serious (bi-polar) and everything in between and beyond.

This is what makes me nervous about all this 'mental illness' talk. The vast majority of people who suffer with some form of mental illness are not a danger to themselves or anyone else yet they will be dragged into one giant 'one size fits all' mess that will lead to a nightmare.

Restricting someone's right to own a gun because they have an anxiety is an assault on civil liberties.


And it's not a road you want to go down as a civil society lest we begin to wrongfully brand or misdiagnose people.

Don't be fooled. The mental illness angle is not about protecting people. It's a deflection. A deflection to restrict gun ownership leading to a pathway of eventual confiscation.

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