61% Of Canadians Didn't Vote For Trudeau!!

My oh my, I thought the country would have at least given the guy who emotionally spews out empty populist platitudes with no resume a minority.

Even Harper, who was far more seasoned and experienced as a politician and policy wonk got a minority first time out. So much for the 'let's see what a drama teacher with no experience can do'!

Meh. I'm such an extremist who doesn't give people chances.

On another note.
Oh look here, 61% of the population didn't vote for the Liberals!

Does that mean Trudeau must govern accordingly?

I bring this up because remember when people yapped on about '2/3 of Canadians didn't vote for Harper' thus demanding he, you know, govern according to their needs? There were even online petitions from change.org.


Will they accept their logic now?

Of course not. Aside from the fact they're were moronic for even thinking it, you really expect them to practice what they screamed?

In any event, the people have spoken.

Move on.

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