The Politicized No Shame Post-Presidental President

Just when you think President Obama couldn't get anymore galling with his penchant to capitalize on tragedies to push an agenda, he one ups himself.

His bizarre plea for gun control action in the event of the mass shooting in Oregon was especially disgusting given not a shred of fact was gathered. Nobody knows anything about the shooter or how he obtained his guns. No motive has been reported.

From Reason:

"The president insisted that "modest regulation," consistent with the Second Amendment rights of "law-abiding gun owners," could "prevent this carnage from being inflicted someplace else in America." But as Brian Doherty pointed out, Obama did not mention a single specific policy fitting that description."

Hm. Does it sound like someone is politicizing something?

"This is something we should politicize," he said. "It is relevant to our common life together, to the body politic."

Yes. Yes it does. In his own words.

If one is predisposed to believe all murders are the same, that is, crazy person + guns = more gun control, then it's a pretty narrow view on things. I thought we - nay, the post-Presidential president as Matthews calls him - were supposed to be more nuanced than this. Ever notice - mostly from the left - every crime is because of a subjective issue like "sexism" or 'racism" as if you can neatly summarize an irrational act? Or even more dubious, when it's linked to an object like a flag (Confederacy) or a person (Palin)?

A gun is no more problematic than a car which kills many more people.

Do we call for car control?

The fetish for gun control is one I can't wrap my head around because it's profoundly irrational especially when statistics are consulted.

No sooner Obama (as many gun control advocates are apt to do) appeals to the emotions and references a country with ostensibly 'common sense' gun control like Australia this happens. 

Of course, Canada, where apparently we ooze common sense from our eyes and ears, shootings do happen despite the rigorous gun control system in place.

It's also worth noting national governments - who have all the guns that matter plus the right to use them against citizens - have killed so many people over the centuries it makes personal gun ownership look like a bubble gum issue. Millions upon millions, genocide after genocide, war after war, government is the greatest murderer. 

When will people get serious and realize the way they're interpreting the issue isn't correct?

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