More Thoughts On The Results

Well. Not really *thoughts* in as much it's a rant.

North America now has two faux-populist left-wing putzes endowed with a natural ability to pulverize us with empty platitudes in power to protect the parasite class.

One a community organizer and the other drama teacher.

Canada got its charismatic Obama Light.
And boy is the media happy they got their guy. Now watch the narrative spin into high drive.


Anyone notice something?


Conservative minded people are not flipping out.

You know, like how the emotional fan boys in the other parties did last time.

You forgot that embarrassing freak out which included the infamous (including from political operatives!) '66% of Canadians didn't vote for Harper', eh?

Something tells me, as I noted in a previous post, they don't give a shit that this time it's the reverse.


On a serious note, I worry about the Liberals on the following fronts:

-Taxes. Although something tells me they will reneg on a few promises made because Harper did in fact have things going in the right direction. The issue that will impact it...

-...May be climate change. This one worries me. The interests pushing this agenda and narrative have little interest in science at this point. There's no such thing as 'climate denier' or 'anti-science'. The policies that come with climate change can do serious damage to people's lives.

-Investments. It's no secret the new enemy for progressives is a block of citizens tagged as the '1%' who are said to be *rigging* the system preventing the rest of us from moving ahead. Aside from the fact this conspiratorial nonsense should be dismissed outright from a sensible mindset, it's an awful example of populist and divisive rhetoric. I don't see how demonizing the wealthy is healthy or has anything to do with improving the middle-class. Worse, there's a macabre thinking that if you tax everything in sight it will somehow 'equalize' things. No it won't. All it would do is hasten the race to the bottom while keeping everyone exactly where they are - or worse.

Example. You increase taxes on capital gains. This will not lead to any desired impact since the rich can easily move capital around - as in, anywhere in the world where they can protect it - as they ought to. If we lose that kind of liquidity it's not good for investment in the economy at large. Public spending is not a good alternative to this. Moreover, it will only make it that much harder for net savers who want to grow their investments thus preventing them from entering a higher class.

The thinking is if we tax the rich (who already pay the over whelming majority of the taxes so it's a blatant lie to begin with), there will be more money for the society at large. It makes no sense on any level except to confiscate wealth. They'd rather deny you the tools that help you become wealthy so long as it fits the neat little narrative.

It's not rocket science people. Connect the fricken dots.

-Liberty. This is a tough one as already the idea of liberty in Canada is a non-entity. However, the liberals have earned their mettle as a party that's moved from the center to the left. And when you pull left you enter the collectivist zone. This is not good for individual liberty. 'For all Canadians' is a catch-all phrase of nothingness and only means 'one size fits all'. There is no such thing as one law that benefits us all. Issues on gun control, marijuana use, private education and health will be key here.

-Foreign policy. This is where I think the Liberals may show their amateurism. Trudeau has displayed like on economic matters, he's not ready to tackle this area. If you think Obama badly misread and misplayed Putin and Russia, I wonder how Trudeau will face off against him. Agree or disagree with him, Harper was the first leader in the West to call Putin's bluff. Canada's foreign policy was clear and consistent. Pro-Israel, stand up to Russia, not bend to the UN and ignore Kyoto.

-The power of charisma. Harper was mechanically a sound politician. However, in hindsight, I think he knew he couldn't manage in his stoic manner forces that enjoy cults of the personality. Trudeau had the name and charisma to convince Canadians 10 years of stability under a dry leader was enough.


  1. The death of the West has begun.

  2. Begun? There's already a dark age. You know it's bad when people see the Liberals as White Knights.


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