Trudeau's Divide

Pierre's son has often said Harper *divides* Canadianswithout much self-awareness about how his own rhetoric is divisive.

Apparently it's appropriate to attack a segment of the population based on populist bull shit.

Whenever I see the left jibber-jabber on like tiresome children about the "1%" all I see is the politics of envy. A tactic that seems to infest the progressive ranks in North America.

This is okay though according to that side.

Trudeau and his unimaginative, emotional driven shtick is not my bag. Who am I kidding? He bores me to tears.

Alas, looks like he may very well form the next government. We've already gotten glimpse of what a Trudeau PM would look like and it's amateurism all down. It's what Canadians seem to crave for some odd reason.

Obama Light has arrived.


Tell you what, demonize the rich enough and you'll get what you deserve.

Money is highly mobile.

Remember that.


About that middle-class thing.

People do realize the mere idea the Liberals actually (insanely I add) talked about doing away with income splitting is problematic, right?

Justin is trying so hard to be *different* he's attacking key parts of retirement and tax planning for middle-class income earners. 

Left-wing policies generally hurt the poor and middle-class.

This is the mind set Canadians may have to deal with for the next few years.

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