Left-Wing Media Unsurprsingly Piling On Harper; Enthusiastically Ushers In Shiny Toy Governance

Lord, Lord, Lord. Lord Me.

And so begins Canada's love affair with its version of a Lightbringer. The narrative suggests Trudeau's victory was "real" while Harper's three time elections was an anomaly or worse manufactured campaigns.

Right. Nothing manufactured about Trudeau. Man of the people.

First in comes The Guardian. 

The Guardian harping on Harper's penchant for manipulation is comical. As if this is a exception rather than the rule for politicians and political strategists. They all try and manipulate. Liberal and progressives like to emotionally manipulate. Trudeau's angle is to present himself as compassionate and makes sure his persona gives this impression. He manipulates that. Obama in the United States does the same exact thing. 

Then the CBC - who probably held a private vigil praying to Gaia and celebrated like it was 1999 - couldn't resist poking Harper.

Both articles are what you would expect from the left. When I read stuff like that it only strengthens my resolve to defund the CBC and privatize its sorry ass. Not Rex Murphy though. Him he provides much happiness for me.

And there's this strange but typically predictable piece from the New York Times.

Apparently when Conservatives win, it somehow lacks legitimacy. To wit:

"...And gone, too, will be the Conservative habit of pushing policies at home that were popular with Mr. Harper’s right wing but divisive to the larger electorate..."

Eat shit you hams. What 'larger' electorate? The one that gave him three governments (two majorities) in a row? That one? The 66% who didn't vote for him? Them? Will they apply the same illogical nonsense to Trudeau when he enacts policy that divide the fucken 62% that didn't vote for him? The Liberals 'swept into power' using the exact same 'fractured vote'.

Honestly, the left is exhausting in their vapidness and deliberate disingenuous interpretation of, well, life.

Canadian law bans corporations and labor unions from making political donations, and imposes fairly low limits on personal donations. So the Conservatives used sophisticated software to develop and promote political issues that would draw large numbers of small donations from supporters, even if found little support in the rest of the population."

And this is bad why? Because the other parties can't match that kind of support?

Only in the mind of the envious left does small donations from supporters is evil. I think they know their own base can't ever rival conservatives on this front. Never mind the law didn't preclude the Liberals and NDP from doing the same. Thing is, they have a base that doesn't fork over coin when it matters. But the conservatives do, so naturally, NO FAIR!

Alas, only misogynist racists vote Conservative! Never mind that the Conservatives are filled with people in their ranks from diverse backgrounds. Morons.

They also keep talking about how Trudeau and his Liberals "swept into power"... with the same fractured vote totals that put the conservatives into power.

Fine. Your guy got in. Have fun manufacturing the narrative.


I found a hole in the narrative.

Liberals and progressives are not fans of inheritances and families who live off the wealth built by their ancestors. It's been argued that families who build wealth and die need to put that wealth back into the 'social pot' and not to family members for posterity.


What do you think the Trudeau's are?

Old money built by their ancestors.

Pierre didn't build it nor did his sons.

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