No Real Alternatives In Canada

I don't disagree the Conservative party under Stephen Harper, by the end, became the party of Dale Gribble but my problem is the fact a voter like me had no real alternative.

The Liberals were out of the question as I wasn't interested in voting for a party 'just because'.

I need more of a reason. And this is what really has left me somewhat disillusioned.

On my ballot I had a conservative (who I really didn't want to vote for), a Liberal (emotional babble-speakers), NDP (yeah right) or Bloc Quebecois (let it go already. It's over you xenophobe nationalist bobbleheads).

The two parties that intrigued me were the Libertarian and Pirate parties. Heck, even the Rhinoceros Party would have probably gotten my vote. Anything over the Liberals.

That's my problem and therein lies the advantage to the American Presidential system. In America, you don't vote the party (necessarily). The system gives voters some nuanced leeway allowing them to vote very much their conscience or along interest lines. If they like a candidate regardless of affiliation, they can vote for them.

I would love for that here. Alas, it's not how it works under the Parliamentary system.

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