Oregon Shooter: Curve Ball To The Narrative

The killer in Oregon was bi-racial turns out.

That is, half black, half white.

So. When does the liberal media invent a new category of race like they did with Zimmerman magically tagging him as 'white Hispanic'?

Does this person become 'White Black?' Or, 'White African-American?'

Hm, hm. If Obama had a son would he look like him?

Of course, the category has been around. Some Quebec nationalist wrote a book called 'White Niggars of America' back in the 1960s when everyone was extra-crispy hyper jacked up drugs and full into themselves.

In any event, tough to build a 'white privileged, right-wing, Christian racist with guns' narrative around this one. I expect full blown mental gymnastics on this one.

Something along the lines of a faux-intellectual like Coates going with a 'his white soul ate his black soul' theme.

I'm just gonna leave this hear regarding Obama's dubious attempt to capitalize on a tragedy to push a gun control agenda that will never pass.

It's his administration's role in bombing a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Afghanistan.

Just saying.

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