Useful Idiots And Ahmed Mohammed - Updated

Knock it off.


Mohammed wasn't the first and certainly won't be the last kid to be negatively impacted by screwy zero tolerance policies that poison American schools.

The thing about Mohammed that sickens me is the usual SJW suspects go into over drive acting as if this was some sort of unique event based on race.

Bull fucking shit.

Kids - white fucking kids. Even little girls! - have been sent home, punished, suspended and arrested for far less offenses. Children are being traumatized thanks to zero tolerance for kissing classmates, making a gun out of Pop Tarts or wearing 'offensive' t-shirts. Just google it. It's all there in plain text to see.

None of this kids got a call from the White House.

But not a peep from the progressive left and their derelict band of idiots because - as usual - SJW Retards misconstrue, misappropriate and misinterpret facts to fit their dumbass, childish narrative.

That the President stuck his nose in this - once again - once and for all confirms (to me anyway) he's driven by race in his actions. So par for the course for President Vapid.

Now Mohammed is gallivanting the globe with an assortment of tyrants in various Arab countries with appalling human rights records. Which is troubling given they're Sufi - generally a moderate side of Islam.



Anyone quietly sitting down and collecting the facts of the story endowed with a sensible mind would not make a hero out of the kid and just stick to the fact he was unjustly arrested.

That being said, Ahmed Mohammed is no special victim.


This past week-end a few of the neighbors including myself were doing stuff around the house. A couple of kids, at one point, passed by each with those rifle toys that shoot pellets.


That's common sense to me. 

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