Uber Threatenting The Stagnant Protection Racket Of Traditional Taxis

And cabbies are starting to feel the pinch.

Get a load of this asshole in Ottawa.

Uber just smashed their fucken monopoly propped up by the government. The little protection racket is OVER.


There's no stopping them.

And that's a good thing.

More here at Reason.

"Union President Amrit Singh told reporters that his members "believe in peace," but that the city must crack down on the rapidly expanding e-hail service."

Go. Fuck. Yourself Amrit. Seriously. You're toast. Is there a more reprehensible, violent and parasitical class than unions in the modern economy?

And gotta love the 'I believe in peace but' bit. Like the idiots who argue 'I believe in free speech but'

There are no 'buts' to freedom and peace assholes.

Time for you to either join Uber or get a new job.


Here's the thing.

Cabbies had more than their chance to go with the different demands of clients and chose to live off the monopoly.

Now it's biting them right in the ass.

And I seriously don't understand people who are against Uber. There's no rational reason for it. Uber offers a convenient service AND creates jobs.

The fact that governments and unions are fighting them is all you need to know about this story.

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