Quebec's Neutral Tax Plan; Montreal's MUHC: The Good, The Bad, The Very Ugly

Welcome to Quebec economics lesson. Please turn to page 101. Chapter Weird.

The Good: Quebec wants to cut income taxes (because they realize no disposable income means poverty).

The Bad: Quebec wants to increase the sales tax which already sits at around 10% (add the Federal tax and we pay 15% total in sales taxes). No, you read right and Quebec is not alone as all of Canada has ridiculous rates except for Alberta which has no provincial taxes; just the 5% Federal tax. Though I wonder how long this will last because the maroons went and voted for the NDP.

The Ugly: Why? What's the point? The Finance Minister was insanely making a dubious claim that with more money in their pockets Quebecers will spend more even with an increase in the sales tax! Moreover, it was explained, a panel of 'economics experts' said this is the best way to maintain tax revenues for Quebec. So basically Quebec changed four quarters for a dollar.

No one knows what people will do with the 'extra' cash but I know what I won't be doing. Buying in Quebec. My shopping habits will continue to stay as it is. That is, I will shop in the U.S..

The tax is so high it essentially shaves 15% off the 30% difference in the currency exchange. Thus, I just have to consider a 15% deficit - which isn't much to make up at the outlets.

My prediction is the plan will do...nothing. 

Quebec believes in Lucky Charms economics.




Anyone with a modicum of common sense knew this was going to be a mess. Another big project ends up in a fiasco in Montreal.

We give them ONE job to make amends for the Olympic Stadium mess and this is what they do!

The location is in a mad part of the city. If they think I'm gonna get in my car and head to the MUHC by choice (I pray I never have to go) on Highway 15/Decarie in the dead of winter (or in the summer where the city is essentially covered in orange because of construction making driving a pure effen nightmare) they're nuts.

Not impressed so far.

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